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Five Ways to Handle an Overripe Banana Crisis

Got overripe bananas? Don’t toss them yet! Here are five ways you could use them…

1. Chocolate Banana Muffins: These vegan-friendly muffins were a huge hit at a friend’s potluck. Thanks to Clotilde’s recipe!

2. Empanada filling: Mash them up and put them in empanadas!

3. Classic Banana Bread: I used Elise’s recipe and threw in chopped walnuts.

4. Banana Smoothie: I don’t make smoothies often because I usually eat my fruit before I get the chance to blend them. But the great thing about this banana-date smoothie is that I usually have all the ingredients readily stocked: nut butter, cinnamon, dates, milk, yogurt, and bananas. A delicious way to start the morning!

5. Freeze ’em: Stick them in the freezer and figure out what to do with them later.

What’s your favorite way to use overripe bananas?

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