Thinking Out Loud 03.27.14

Hello, there! Today I’m popping in for a quick “hello” via the lovely Spoons’ Thinking Out Loud link-up.


1. Can spring just stay around for a while? One week it’s gloriously warm and sunny, the next, it’s snowing a few hours north. I live in Alabama, and when I have to scrape ice off my window just a few days before April, there’s a problem. I just want to break out the dresses and sandals already!

2. I also need some boiled crawfish in my life. The season won’t be going on too much longer, and because prices are so stinking high this year (due to cold weather/freezes), we haven’t had any yet. We tried last Friday night, but with over an hour wait at R & R Seafood, we went the pasta route instead.


Oh, and apparently it’s perfectly fine to eat the “straight ones.”

3. Not too long ago, I bought my first maternity purchase! I have no idea when I’ll have the belly to wear it, but I love the bright blue stripes and cut.


Side note: Zulily could be very dangerous—mostly for my wallet. I’m afraid to think about the self-control I will lack once we know the baby’s gender! For now, I’ll just keep looking for myself.

4. Speaking of the little “cub,” I’m kind of ashamed to admit this, but I just did a little astrology research. I’m excited that Baby M will be born under Libra. I usually don’t put much stock in astrology—apart from occasionally reading my horoscope for kicks—but it is uncanny how the Aquarius descriptions fit me to a T.


Positive Libra Traits

  • pleasant and charming
  • fair and balanced (but not in a Faux News kind of way, har-har)
  • clever
  • detailed and artistic
  • social

Negative Libra Traits

  • indecisive (this trait will no-doubt come from me!)
  • lazy (not an excuse for slacking at school or not cleaning his/her room!)
  • flirtatious (flirting is fun)
  • vain
  • quarrelsome

It’s too funny that, while both Mark and I are introverted and need lots of alone time to “recharge” from social situations and busy days at work, our child could very well thrive on being social and surrounded by people. Maybe one day my child can teach me how NOT to be awkward in public!

5. But in more current news: last weekend we saw Divergent (and enjoyed it!) and like most teens and twenty-somethings (I guess I should say thirty-somethings now—eek!), I’m obsessed with Theo James. Because I’m a nerd, I had a “crush” on Four while reading the book, but one look at those eyes, lips, biceps, and other, err, attributes, and I had a very difficult time focusing on the story at times.


6. Another thing disrupting my focus is…FOOD. I want to eat it all. I know hunger and cravings are part of the territory with pregnancy, but I feel like I need to eat something every 30 minutes! I’m trying to bulk up my breakfasts (egg sandwiches, for example), but I’m still hungry by lunch. And an hour after lunch. I keep trail mix, yogurt, string cheese, and carrots/hummus for snacks at work, but I need some other ideas.

7. In addition to my incessant hunger, I have an itch to bake something! I’m leaning toward healthy/lightened up (and not filled with 4 sticks of butter) since I’m likely to devour the entire thing in one sitting, and Courtney’s cinnamon sugar-crusted banana bread caught my eye yesterday. I just need another spotty banana and I’m set.

8. So, even though my city doesn’t have a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (yet!), I couldn’t help but giggle at this graphic from The Washington Post. Hehehe.


9. Another need I thought of? Running playlist suggestions! After losing most of my music last year (when our computer died and required a new hard drive), I could use some new lively tunes to boost my energy and avoid boredom. I mostly listen to NPR to and from work (i.e., I hear a popular song, turn to my husband, and ask in an old lady tone, “do you have any idea who this is?”), so any suggestions you have, feel free to share below!

10. And on that note, I think I’m ending things. Time to move from my chair and go find something (else) to eat/stuff into my face. Happy almost-friday!


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 03.27.14

  1. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Divergent! I didn’t manage to catch it last weekend and I’ve been hearing mixed reviews so I was starting to get a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it. But good or bad, seeing Theo would definitely be worth it. I had a huge crush on Four in the books as well, and I definitely wouldn’t complain about having an excuse to ogle him for a few hours😉

    • Theo is 100% worth it.:-) One thing I liked about the movie is how true they stayed to the book; although it also made the movie really long. It’s definitely worth seeing, though.

  2. I’m glad to hear Divergent was good!! I really want to see it & read the books. I’m currently reading Gone Girl & that’s been pretty good! Love the maternity top, so cute!! Congrats!!

    • Thank you.
      I’ve heard that Gone Girl is really good; it’s definitely on my list! As for Divergent, I’ve only read the first book, and the movie was really accurate to the book (which made it a bit too long).

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