What I Ate Wednesday 03.26.14

Happy Hump Day, guys and dolls!

To avoid full-blown pregnancy overload, I’m not going to talk cravings and aversions because, so far, I haven’t really been eating that differently. (Plus, I wouldn’t want to scare you away if the idea of children terrifies the hell out of you and sends you screaming into another room!)

Like usual, I’m trying to consume a balance of nutritious fruits/veggies/legumes with ample whole grain, dairy, and lean meat, topped off with the perfect amount of indulgence (whether it’s ice cream, cake, cookies, chocolate, extra spoonfuls of nut butter, or any combination of these!).

It seems the only day I manage to photograph is Tuesday (although last week was an actual Wednesday), and today is no different. So here’s What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday.



photo 1-2

An egg sandwich (fried egg and strawberry jelly on an English muffin) prepared in the AM by my wonderful husband. I love the savory-sweet combination, though I wish he’d included a slice of cheese.

Mid-morning Snack

photo 2-2

A tiny handful of trail mix


photo 3-2

2 slices of leftover pizza with a side of baby carrots + ranch dressing

Afternoon Snack

photo 4

Orange Vanilla Chobani (I forgot how much I love this flavor), a few un-photographed dehydrated veggie chips, and a slice of cheddar



Orzo and ground turkey stuffed bell peppers with cucumber salad

Although I wish I could get more greens and colorful veggies into my lunches (and even breakfasts, as I often do when I drink smoothies), yesterday’s lunch and dinner weren’t too shabby. I love how satisfying a stuffed pepper (or mushroom cap, eggplant/zucchini “boat,” etc.) can be, with or without a tiny bit of meat as a garnish.

I’m sure some form of dessert will happen before bed (perhaps ice cream?), because as much as I love my Greek yogurt, it doesn’t always satisfy a sweet tooth!

Don’t forget to join the WIAW party at Peas and Crayons. Till next time.:-)

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