Weekly Links #5

Hello there!:-)

After a crazy week of ice storms and working only Monday and Friday, it feels weird that it’s already Sunday and time to prepare for the workweek.

This weekend was pretty fun. Friday night we tried a new-to-us Mexican restaurant; it was ok, but nothing special (and the margaritas were strong!), so we probably won’t head back anytime soon. We then stopped by my husband’s fraternity’s bid night party downtown. Talk about feeling out of place! I definitely enjoyed talking to old professors outside the bar much more than avoiding sweaty, drunk college kids inside!

Saturday my friend Jessica joined me for Bikram. After cleaning up after yoga, Mark and I had some lunch at my favorite place, Mediterranean Sandwich Company, and saw the movie Inside Llewyn Davis at the Crescent. I really enjoyed the movie itself and the music!

This morning I went to yoga again (great class!) and plan to relax, eat this avocado & goat cheese spread, and watch the Super Bowl later tonight.

But it’s time for a bit of weekend reading.

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Chocolate Cherry Smoothie via Edible Perspective

So, I’ve made a chocolate cherry smoothie before, but I have no idea what went in it (besides cherries and chocolate, duh). This version sounds fabulous, so once I have some cherries in my life again, it’s on the menu.

Gruyere, Fig Jam and Arugula Breakfast Sandwiches via How Sweet It Is

I love the mix of sweet and savory, and this sandwich sounds like a great change from the oats and yogurt I normally eat in the mornings. Or how about breakfast for dinner?

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos via Bev Cooks

These look so tasty and easy—it’s been a while since we’ve cooked something (other than soup) in our slow-cooker.

Blue Cheese Bacon Fries via Creole Contessa

These put Baumhower’s gooey fries to shame. Pure shame! These aren’t “healthy” at all, but they look good for my soul, which is all that matters when blue cheese and bacon are involved.

Triple Bean Flautas via Peas and Crayons

These are making me drool on the laptop. I love Mexican, and I love that these are vegetarian!


How To Avoid The Raw Food Cult via Real Raw Kitchen

While I eat pretty much ALL food, I think these are some great things to consider (particularly the “give thanks” point). Can’t we just agree that eating more raw vegetables/fruits (and cooked ones, since some foods, like tomatoes, are more nutritious after cooking), less meat (especially from factory farms), and fewer processed foods is always a good thing, rather than pass judgment on somebody who eats only 75% raw, vegan, gluten-free, etc? No single diet is a perfect fit for every single person. We all have unique body chemistry and, yes, even preferences. Eating should be enjoyable—never stressful!

Why ‘Good Enough’ Is ‘Pretty Freaking Good’ via Huffington Post

This is fabulous. It’s time to start smashing windows!

When You SHOULD Eat Junk Food via Fitting It All In

Though I’m not recovering from an eating disorder, I think this advice can be applied to ALL of us. Some foods, though not the most nutritious, are just good for the soul (like the blue cheese bacon fries in the recipe section!).

5 Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong In The Shower via Huffington Post

Who knew you could shower incorrectly? Sadly, I do 4 out of 5 of these. But I just love a long, steamy shower and thick lather!

Weight Shaming Goes Both Ways via Thought Catalog

I’ve been thinking this a while, and I’m really happy more people are starting to discuss it! Healthy and beautiful come in all shapes and sizes, thankyouverymuch.

The 13 Winter Superfoods You Should Be Eating Right Now via Huffington Post

This list includes many of my favorite winter foods.

What Does Fit Mean To You? via The Healthy Maven

My definition of “fit” has changed over the years, too. As long as I keep moving and enjoying whatever work-out I choose, then I feel my fittest.

What I Learned From Posting My Weight On The Internet via Huffington Post

I think we’re all guilty of listening to that judgmental voice, even if it’s far off-base from reality.

Exercise To Age Well, Whatever Your Age via New York Times

It’s never too late to begin exercising and caring for your body.

Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For via The Gloss

I always catch myself apologizing for the least offensive things. I guess for me it’s more of a habit, but seriously, women need to pay attention to this list.

I hope everybody has a magnificent Sunday and upcoming week. Till next time.

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