Weekly Links #4

Hello, hello! And happy Sunday to you.

I hope everybody is having a lovely weekend. Ours has been quite nice. Instead of watching the Senior Bowl, we decided against fighting for a parking space near the stadium and had some lunch at Lap’s, acted like tourists by visiting the USS Alabama battleship, and did a bit of shopping. It was a beautiful day, so I’m glad we spent much of it outdoors.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been reading this past week.

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30 Minute Portobello Fried Brown Rice via How Sweet It Is

This is 100% my kind of meal—even though we don’t make fried rice nearly often enough. I love simplicity (and having to wash only one pan)!

Honey Balsamic BBQ Meatballs via Iowa Girl Eats

I’m a sucker for meatballs, and I love the use of quinoa in these. I just might have to whip them up Super Bowl weekend.

Santa Monica Street Tacos via La Crème de la Crumb

I think I just drooled on my keyboard. Tacos in any shape or form are fabulous, and I love the purple cabbage and how fresh these look.

Meyer Lemon Quinoa Pancakes via Running to the Kitchen

Pancakes are something that I generally love to eat, but we never make them at home. Again, I like this recipe because of the creative use of quinoa and, of course, the brightness of the meyer lemons.

Kale Salad With Roast Cauliflower, Beets, and Pumpkin Seeds via A Food Centric Life

I’ve grown to love the texture of raw kale (that’s been massaged or soaked in a dressing, of course), and it’s been far too long since I’ve roasted my own beets and cauliflower (2 of the most underrated vegetables, in my opinion). This salad just looks so rustic and delicious!

And a bonus, since I usually just list 5 recipes.:-)

Loaded BBQ Chicken Nugget Nachos via Averie Cooks

Let’s just say I’m intrigued—and can you ever really go wrong with nachos?


In These Gyms, Nobody Cares How You Look In Yoga Pants via NPR

As somebody who is fairly fit, I’m intimidated when I go to a gym (which is one of the reasons I don’t belong to one anymore). Anything that makes it easier for people (of all shapes and sizes) to improve their health is a good thing in my book.

Abundance Doesn’t Mean Health via New York Times

I love how Bittman tells it like it is. The US is a country of abundance, but too many people cannot—or choose not to—access quality, nutritious food.

Weighing In On ‘Real’ Women via In The Powder Room

I found this article by way of Gena’s Weekend Reads, but I wanted to share it, too, since I found myself nodding in agreement to everything written. Tell ‘em, girl!

Mentally Ill Are Often Locked Up In Jails That Can’t Help via NPR

Since Mark deals directly with the mentally ill in our local jail (evaluating those recently arrested to determine whether they would benefit from outpatient care) I thought this was important to share. Our jails are ill-equipped to help this population, but with reduced funding to community treatment centers, there’s little else to do.

Does microwaving food remove its nutritional value? via CNN

As somebody who routinely carries leftovers to work for lunch, thus using a microwave almost daily, I’m glad to read this. Granted, this article isn’t about already-cooked food, but I think I’m doing ok.

Mental Illness: I Am Not The Monster Under My Bed via Verily Magazine

Interesting perspective. I especially love the comparison made to physical pain, such as a broken arm.

Smartphone Use At Night Hurts Sleep And Workplace Productivity: Study via Huffington Post

It makes sense. While I don’t use my smartphone for work purposes, I do play on it well into the night (while watching TV, go figure). I think I’ll make a point to limit my late-night phone browsing!

23 Everyday Things That We Could All Be Doing Better via Thought Catalog

I like this list; especially #3, #5, #11, #16 and  #18.

10 Reasons Pants Are The Worst via Hello Giggles

Seriously, though!!! (Their only saving grace is on days you just don’t want to shave.)

Do you have an interesting link to share? Leave it in the comments.

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