Weekly Links #1

I’ve shared a few foodie links in past WIAW and other posts, but as an effort to provide different content and freshen things up (one of my unwritten goals of the year), I’m going to start a new series: Weekly Links.

I love perusing link collections from other bloggers, as they’ve given me some food for thought and introduced me to some of my new favorite blogs, so I thought I’d join in the fun with my own little weekly listicle.

weekly links header


Pulled Pork Pizza With Maple Leaks, Roasted Garlic, And Aged Cheddar via How Sweet It Is

Give me the pig now! This looks delicious, and I think my dad needs to smoke a pork shoulder ASAP so the leftovers can become this beautiful artwork of a pizza.

Black-Eyed Pea Dip via Skinny Taste

Maybe it’s a southern thang, but I love black-eyed peas. Whether served alongside greens on New Year’s Day, chilled and dressed in a salad, or served as a dip, they’re incredibly versatile. I can’t wait to try this.

Smoky Black-Eyed Pea + Collard Green Veggie Burgers via Edible Perspective

Speaking of black-eyed peas’ versatility—I think this is one of the most creative uses I’ve seen! I’ve made Ashley’s Basil, Garlic, + Tomato Veggie Burgers before (which were delicious), so I’m sure this version is a winner, too.

2014 Golden Wellness Smoothie via Healthy Happy Life

Since citrus is at its peak this time of year, this vibrant smoothie sounds perfect. I love the addition of turmeric (which, of course, is chock-full of health benefits)!


Lower Stress By Laughing It Up via Huffington Post

They always say “laughter is the best medicine,” and I tend to agree. It’s such an easy way to reap physical and mental benefits!

Cinnamon Can Help Lower Blood Sugar But One Variety May Be Best via NPR

Here’s further proof that cinnamon is the best spice ever (not that I needed to be convinced). I recently bought some Saigon cinnamon, and though it’s only made its way into my oatmeal, I’m loving it!

Closing The ‘Word Gap’ Between Rich And Poor via NPR

As a lover of language—and resident of a community with quite a large income gap—I found this article particularly interesting. I’m grateful my parents created “teachable moments” through normal activities and engaged in conversation with me from an early age.

Here Are The New Year’s Resolutions You Will Keep, And The Ones That You Will Break via Time

I’ve already mentioned I’m not a huge fan of making New Year’s resolutions, but if you are, then these are some good tips on how to set yourself up for success rather than defeat.

7 Reasons To Shamelessly Love Yourself Just As You Are via Thought Catalog

It’s a pity we so often need to be reminded of how—and why—we should love ourselves. But these are some good reminders.

The Other ‘F Word’: Brewer Responds To Starbucks Over Beer Name via NPR

I know a great many of you bloggers have a loving relationship with the ‘Bucks (I can take it or leave it after the token seasonal PSL and Peppermint Mocha), but I can’t help finding this hysterical.

7 Things You Totes Need To Stop Saying If You’re Over 30 via Huffington Post

Please! For the love of humanity, just STOP.

The 50 Absolute Sexiest Things Ryan Gosling Did In 2013 via Buzzfeed

Sorry, I just had to. Giggle and drool…

I think Ryan Gosling is a good way to wrap things up. Happy reading, and I hope everybody has a fantastic first full week of 2014!:-)

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