WIAW #21…What’s with the cold?

The last couple of days have been windy and cold. I’m going to let that be the reasoning for skipping yesterday evening’s run (instead of my propensity for laziness and making excuses).

Plus, after convincing Mark to sign up for Color Me Rad as well, I’m not too concerned about whether I run the entire 3.1 miles or not. In fact, I can guarantee that I won’t. We’re just going to alternate jogging and walking while having a messy, colorful time before heading to The Music of Queen at the Mobile Symphony.

We haven’t bought our tickets yet, but if this show is anything like the previous Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd performances, then I know it will be well worth the ticket cost.

It looks like we’re going to have a jam-packed April: we’re planning a day trip to the French Quarter Festival in 2 weeks, the 5K and symphony the following week, and then our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY (!!!) is the 26th. We haven’t made big plans, but I’m sure we’ll celebrate with a nice dinner somewhere special.

There are still a few more days in March, however, and Easter is quickly approaching. My in-laws are driving in Friday (with 3 dachshunds in tow!), so it will be wonderful spending time with them (we’ve only seen them once since Christmas!) and my parents, too.

It’s also the final green-centric What I Ate Wednesday. Sadly, my green vegetable consumption has not improved. I need more salads in my life! Oh well…

Today’s breakfast was new to me: leftover quinoa (from making these) heated in milk and topped with flaked coconut, pecans, dried cranberries, cinnamon, almond butter, and a tiny bit of maple syrup. It was actually delicious! I haven’t jumped on the quinoa bandwagon (the farmers of Peru and Bolivia thank meor not). I don’t know if the savory quinoa dishes I’ve tried just aren’t seasoned well, but this sweet version is a winner.

Our boss and another coworker are leaving at the end of the week, so the department ordered pizza for lunch to bid them farewell. I inhaled 1 slice of veggie lovers, and 1 of pepperoni. (Recycled photo, since my coworkers think I’m weird enough without watching me photograph my lunch.)


For an afternoon snack, I drank a cup of green tea and ate some fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Per the usual, I had a grilled cheese for dinner, this time with Muir Glen creamy tomato bisque. Not bad. (Are you bored yet with my uninspired Wednesday meals?)

Tonight was a decent workout at gymnastics. I’ve been the only one from the adult class to show up the last 3 weeks, so I just joined the tumbling class and did whatever I wanted. It’s not as fun that way, but at least I’m that much closer to reaching a 30 Before 30 goal with all the tumbling I’ve been doing. I need to strengthen my wrists before moving to the regular floor, though.

Happy WIAW, folks.

3 thoughts on “WIAW #21…What’s with the cold?

  1. Hi Cassie, I have truly enjoyed reading you’re blog! You go girl! I look forward to your future comments! Needless to say I am so proud of you! Love you,Mama Miele ,NOLA GIRL.

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