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Eat Down the House: Grandma’s Tomato Eggs

Grandma’s Tomato Eggs

The Eat Down the House Challenge, is to go without grocery shopping, and eat from the stock in the fridge and pantry.

Tomato eggs is a common Chinese dish. There are many versions, the more common version has chunks of tomatoes stir-fried with egg scrambled. But my favorite is my Grandma’s version, which is a silky blend of eggs and skinless tomatoes. During our grandmother-granddaughter trip to North Carolina to visit my cousin Vivian, my grandma taught us both how to make her tomato eggs.

I took some shortcuts today with this recipe, but no worries! I will share with you my Grandma’s secrets too. The first secret is that you have to remove the skin of the tomatoes. She does this by soaking the tomatoes in hot water, for 15 minutes or so. Carefully remove the tomatoes from the hot water and don’t burn yourself. And just rub the skin off the tomatoes. For you medicine people out there, it is like Nikolsky’s sign .

Other Tomato Eggs Recipes:
 Rasa Malaysia’s Tomato Eggs

Both Vivian and I had so much fun cooking with our grandmother. Hopefully, more opportunities will come. Next, I want her to teach me how to make “lup lup” or literally “dots dots” which is essentially a diced vegetable stir fry. More photos of our North Carolina trip to visit Vivian:

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