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Eat Down the House: Dates, Cheese, and Sausage

Eat Down the House: Dates, Cheese, and Sausage

My dear friends Kags and Lamiyah gave me some very fancy-looking dates from Dubai, UAE. I was deciding between eating them as they are or doing something with them; then I recalled a delicious appetizer I once had at Grange Kitchen — chorizo, dates, and blue cheese.

For my version, I am using lap cheong instead of chorizo. Lap cheong is Chinese sausage. According to Wikipedia, lap cheong is more commonly seen in Southern Chinese cuisine whereas a different kind of sausage (hong chang) is a specialty of Northeastern China

Oh, the things I learn! And while I am not a big fan of sausages (kielbasa, brats, breakfast sausages, hot dogs, etc), I love lap cheong. But don’t tell my mother, she says they are not healthy.

For some of the pieces, I also wrapped bacon around the dates. Everything is better with a little bacon, right? (Well, I actually preferred the bacon-less nuggets more.)

Other Recipes for Stuffed Dates:

Eat Down the House items eaten: dates, lap cheong bought 2 years ago and now defrosted, gorgonzola cheese from a dinner party 2 weeks ago, bacon defrosted from the freezer from who-knows-when

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