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“Make Your Guests Cook” Themed Dinner Party: Dumplings

At my dinner parties, friends cook for me. I’m not one to make the cooking process invisible. I make the eaters the cook too.

The way we eat affects the way we interact. As a former teacher, my principal pointed out the difference among students’ interactions at a pizza party versus a Chinese takeout party. The action of breaking bread together and sharing from the same pie creates more camaraderie and consideration, than eating from individual takeout containers.

Family style eating fosters interaction. The way we share food affects our interactions and conversation. Sharing food is not limited to eating – we can also share in the labor of preparing a dinner. Working together builds relationships.

In planning a dinner party, the host not only assembles a menu, but the host also considers the dynamic and interaction of guests. Gathering everyone around the table to prepare the meal serves as the icebreaker, team-builder, and entertainment. I find much livelier conversations even long after the cooking is done and over with.

Having 10-15 pairs of extra helping hands takes more logistical planning. It requires consideration in the organization of people, space, and things. Not all foods are good for group cooking. Nor is the entire cooking process meant to be done in a large group. Consider foods that works well for group assembling: dumplings, sushi, tacos & tostadas, pizza, and tamles.

What are some of your “Make Your Guest Cook” parties? I will be sharing a series of ways and pointers on how to make your guests cook at your dinner party – dumplings and beyond.

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