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I Challenge You to Eat Down the House

Eat Down the House

It is officially springtime (ignore the freezing rain storm that’s expected this evening). Springtime means a lot of things here in Michigan. Besides hopes of warmth and sunshine, it also means spring-cleaning and tax time. Eeks! In preparation to do my taxes, I was looking at my finances and realized that my savings account was smaller than expected. In a manic fury, I started researching how to save more money. “Use your local library.” Check. “Switch to CFB light bulbs.” Check. “Eat out less.” Hmm, that one’s a toughy. Then I recalled something I once read in the food blogs, an “Eat Down the Fridge” challenge.

The idea is to not shop for food for 1 week and eat what you already have. In the spirit of spring-cleaning and being financially frugal, I say we go beyond just eating down the fridge and eat down the whole house! Ok, ok. If you’ve seen my kitchen cabinets, you know that eating down that monstrosity may take more than a week. So, I’m willing to take a month, even two. But the rules will be modified to allow some amount of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and half-and-half for my coffee. (Mmmmmm, coffeeeeeee.)

And some other ideas I had for saving money: 1) Get haircuts only once a year. (Don’t worry Sum, it will get trimmed before your wedding. I’ll be presentable.) 2) Don’t buy fancy heirloom tomatoes at the farmer’s market. (Sorry Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market, but you’re bad for my wallet.)

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