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Hawaiian Oxtail Soup

A week before arriving in Michigan for Christmas my oldest sister, Sonia, emailed me with the Hawaiian Oxtail Soup blog post from Elise on Simply Recipes, with a note, “Let’s make this while you’re home!” I enthusiastically agreed, as I had independently booked marked that exact post. Before my pickup at the airport, she had already stopped by the market to grab the fattiest package of oxtail she can lay hands on.

We used dried citrus peel as oppose to fresh, as it’s readily available in our household and commonly used for soups. In Cantonese soups, a handful of nuts, beans, as well as a fruit element (goji berry and dates, fresh fruit, or dried citrus peel) are often added for nutritional value and flavor. These ingredients are not the foreground of the soup, but an element of the broth.

Looking at the ingredients of the Hawaiian oxtail soup, I claimed: This recipe is obviously Chinese! Though the origin is indeed Chinese, the soup was made popular in Hawaii and is also truly a Hawaiian local dish.

In addition to using dried citrus peel for the oxtail soup, we also added cloves to compliment the anise and ginger, and hearty cuts of diakon for bulk in the soup. I love a good diakon beef soup in the winter.

Sonia and I were so proud of our delicious team-creation. We called our mom to share with her. My mom’s response: Oh… but oxtail is very fatty.

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