Body After Baby

Hi there, and happy Thursday! Time’s a-flying, I tell you. Now that I’ve been back to work a month, I figure it’s as good a time as any to talk about my “body after baby.”


All in all, I feel pretty good, although I definitely get more tired during the day. I can’t wait for the night when I have 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

I definitely don’t feel—or look—like I did pre-pregnancy, and that’s to be expected. I’ve always heard, “it took you 9 months to have a baby, so it should take 9 months (or more) to get back to (your new) normal.” I’m not in a rush!

A lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting, although I’ve added a new “accessory” to them: a muffin top and/or love handles. :-( While many of my pants fit comfortably (I’m still rocking some maternity skinny pants), I’m all about the loose-fitting tops at the moment. And for whatever reason, I’m still carrying a lot of fat in my arms! Some tops with fitted sleeves just don’t work—and I no longer see the muscle definition I had after months of Bikram. Le sigh. Oh, and I’m sure my hips are permanently wider, too.


So how do I feel about this newfound squishiness? For the most part, FINE.

Although part of me longs for the strength, endurance, and muscle tone I once had, the reasonable part of me says “don’t rush it.” Right now (in the season of layers instead of bikinis), I’m just not focused on “getting my body back.” I’m all about nourishing and caring for Luca. I’ve worked too hard making breastfeeding work—and he’s too important—to risk lowering my milk supply or not feeling my best.

I’m also fascinated and proud at what my body has done: it nurtured and carried a living being for 9 months and survived a marathon of childbirth! And after stretching to house 6 pounds of baby and, in my case, 28 pound of “other stuff,” I have a newfound respect and admiration for my body. I care for it differently.

Having said all that, I do have my bad days where I feel like a fat cow. Some mornings I start the day feeling bummed about my, well, bum. This is hard on me because I’ve never really had to work at maintaining my weight or figure. Body comparison is a shameful, slippery slope, so I probably should avoid Pinterest and Instagram for a while!


So while I don’t want to become obsessed with “getting my body back,” I feel like I’m in a rut. After spending 90% of my 12-week leave indoors, often in a recliner, I need some movement in my life. Regardless of whether my old skinny jeans fit or not, I need to feel like my body is doing something. I need to regain some strength, stamina, and muscle tone.

I have no plans to take pictures or track my weight, but I need to get back into some sort of fitness routine, especially since I set a goal last year to run in the Azalea Trail Run this March. I’m going to rely on indoor workouts with the elliptical, stability ball, hand weights, and my DVDs and probably get back into Bikram next month. I’m going to commit to 3 days a week of at least 20 minutes of exercise. If you have a favorite at-home workout, share it!

So, that’s my postpartum “plan” in a nutshell. We’ll just wait and see where it takes me.

Since it’s Thursday, I’m linking up my rambling to Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud.


Meal Plan Monday: 01.26.15

Having a baby makes it so much more difficult to spend hours grocery shopping, planning meals, and preparing ingredients. For probably the last year—well before Luca arrived—Mark and I started planning our weeknight dinners on the weekend so we weren’t scrambling after work trying to put together a meal.

After exhausting most of our freezer stash of dinners, we’ve continued the advanced planning. Apart from saving time and energy, I think it also saves money. I mean, if we go into the grocery with a strict list, we’re less likely to just buy whatever looks good (or satisfies a craving). Now if only we would start using those coupons I keep clipping (and subsequently trashing when they expire)!

In case you need some new ideas or are just curious about what we eat each night, I thought I’d share this week’s meal plan. I’ve done this a few times in the past, but I might make this a regular (bi-weekly or monthly?) occurrence on the blog.


Monday 1-26: sautéed rainbow trout (my favorite type of fish to cook at home—it’s foolproof) with a tomato/basil/mozzarella salad and couscous

Tuesday 1-27: Giada’s white bean chicken chili (substituting collards because our grocery didn’t have chard)

Wednesday 1-28: reheated frozen soup with grilled cheese

Thursday 1-29: Brinner (probably eggs, bacon, and waffles)

Friday 1-30: Nothing planned; pizza or Mexican takeout will probably happen (since pregnancy, I’m always craving one or the other!)

Saturday 1-31: Leftovers or something thrown together from pantry/freezer staples (a grain bowl, pasta, etc.)

Sunday 2-1: Something deliciously unhealthy for the Super Bowl

The great thing about cooking for 2 is that we usually wind up with plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. Not relying on take-out for lunch is another way to save money—plus it’s much healthier!

  • Do you plan your meals ahead of time?
  • What is your go-to weeknight dinner?

Weekly Links: 01.25.15

Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful, sunny day and I’m just chilling with Baby M while Mark does some grocery shopping. Later today we’re going to take a little family walk with Iggy, too.

As much as I miss being more active, I’m still loving our low-key weekends. I don’t feel guilty at all sleeping in and having extra cuddles with the baby.

Yesterday we had some lunch at Jason’s Deli and went for a nice walk at Spring Hill. It was just what I needed to relax. Tonight we’re making some hamburgers, homemade french fries, and watching some TV. Boring, perhaps, but it’s just what I need.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday; check out these recipes and articles before you go!

weekly links header


Creamy Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Quinoa Gratin via Cookie + Kate

Oh, man. As much as I love plain ol’ roasted sprouts, this looks like the ultimate comfort food.

Marinated Kale and Whipped Ricotta Pizza via How Sweet It Is

That whipped ricotta is everything. I kind of want to eat it with a spoon. And crispy kale? My favorite type of kale!

Chicken Chopped Salad with Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing via Fit Foodie Finds

This salad is so colorful and full of awesome textures. Yum!

The Best Broccoli Cheese Soup via Averie Cooks

Now I’m craving a Panera bread bowl of broccoli cheddar! We already have a copy-cat recipe, but I’m curious to try this one.

Bacon Wrapped Eggplant Fries via Kirbie’s Cravings

Because bacon makes everything better!

.Food & Nutrition.

When Clean Eating Becomes Unhealthy via Clean Eating Veggie Girl

I’m all about cutting out processed foods and adding in lots of veggies, fruits, and other “clean” foods, but there definitely is a fine line between healthy and obsessed.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like via The New York Times

I don’t eat much fast food and dine out occasionally (especially with a 3-month-old!), but dang. This really makes you think about what’s going into your belly. Cooking at home—when possible—is always the best option.

.Health & Fitness.

45 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right That Aren’t About Weight Loss via Greatist

.Body Image & Mental Health.

Writing Your Way To Happiness via The New York Times

I think there’s some validity to this.

The Benefits of a Lunch Hour Walk via The New York Times

Precisely why I walk almost every day (if the weather allows).

See How Much the “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years via Greatist

Proof there is no “perfect body.”

Landmines via Snack Therapy

We’re all guilty of perpetuating landmine explosions—and we need to just STOP.

Bacchus on the Beach Review

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going swimmingly. And if it isn’t? At least you can take comfort in knowing that the weekend is just around the corner.

This past Saturday we drove to Bay St. Louis to visit Grannie and my mother-in-law. It was such a beautiful day, and we decided to go out for lunch at a new-to-us restaurant in Pass Christian called Bacchus on the Beach.


The restaurant looked—you guessed it—like a beach house, and it sat across the street from the water. Had it been a little bit warmer, we might have sat outside on the porch.

Since we had a late lunch, the restaurant was very quiet: just us 4 (Luca, included) and a few other couples. It was nicely decorated, and I loved the exposed brick walls.


Pretty much everything on the menu—which consisted of seafood and classic Cajun/Creole dishes—sounded incredible, but each of us opted to start our meal with a cup of the soup du jour: a creamy (and spicy!) crab, corn, and mushroom bisque.


I was starving, so I inhaled the soup. At first bite, I thought it was too salty and heavy-handed on the spice, but once I continued eating it, it tasted better and better. I pretty much soaked up every last drop with my bread.

I knew I wanted seafood (although the croque madame was tempting!), so I chose the Maw Maw’s Remoulade salad. The salad was simple but tasty—and it was not lacking on the shrimp. I think I counted 10, and they were large, plump Gulf shrimp. I don’t remember there being any tomato or boiled egg, though, now that I look back over the menu (which is funny, because I made a comment while eating that the salad needed a little lagniappe—or something extra). Regardless, I managed to nearly clear my plate and thought the remoulade was perfect.


My mother-in-law went with the Jenny’s West Indies salad (which I almost ordered myself); I didn’t get a picture, but it looked delicious.

Mark chose the Creole Club sandwich and fries. The sandwich wasn’t your typical layered club, but it had ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a Creole mayonnaise on marbled rye bread. He only finished half so I ate the remainder for lunch yesterday.


Service was good, and the staff were super friendly (mostly commenting on Luca). If in the area again, I’d definitely come back, perhaps to try dinner.

COCOZIA Organic Coconut Water With Chocolate: A Review

By now, you’re probably aware that I’m a big fan of COCOZIA. I’ve reviewed both their 11.1-ounce and 16.9-ounce organic coconut water on the blog previously, so naturally I agreed to sample and review their newest chocolate version when the opportunity arose.

To be honest, I originally expected to be disappointed. I recently had a different brand’s lemonade-flavored coconut water—which was absolutely disgusting—but luckily I am wiling to try most anything and realized that little can go wrong when chocolate is involved.

photo 1-20

After my first sip, I thought “ok, this is a bit like watered-down chocolate milk.” It wasn’t bad. Once I continued drinking, however, I tasted the incredibly rich cocoa—which somehow managed to balance perfectly with the light coconut flavor. As I drank even more, I found it much creamier, too.

Just like their original version, COCOZIA Organic Coconut Water with Chocolate contains only natural ingredients: organic coconut water, organic coconut milk, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa powder, organic guar gum, and salt.


With no artificial ingredients, low fat, and a high dose of electrolytes (potassium and magnesium, in particular), you can feel good while indulging in your chocolate craving.

I’ve enjoyed my chocolate coconut water straight up as well as in smoothies. I think it would be good in a simple chia pudding, too.

photo 2-22

Even Iggy was curious (and, no, I didn’t really feed my dog chocolate!)

COCOZIA Organic Coconut Water with Chocolate is available through Amazon in 12-packs. If you’re a chocoholic like I am, be sure to check it out for yourself!

**I received free samples of COCOZIA® Organic Coconut Water With Chocolate to review on my blog. I was not compensated for this blog post, and all opinions are my own.**

For Two Fitness New Year Giveaway!

Hi, guys!

Today, I’m thrilled to partner with For Two Fitness for an amazing New Year giveaway. You may recall how I gushed about and posted pictures of my “Training for Two” racerback tank. The adorable blue top quickly became a mainstay for accommodating my growing belly, and For Two Fitness remains my favorite maternity fitness apparel brand. If you or somebody you know is currently expecting or recently gave birth, then I highly recommend reading below for the details on this phenomenal giveaway!

Happy New Year! We are so thankful to YOU — our community, customers, and friends. To express our thanks, we are hosting a huge giveaway this week in partnership with some amazing brands and our ambassadors. The Grand Prize is valued at $1000.  We have phenomenal prizes, including the newest offering from BOB – a Revolution FLEX  jogging stroller – plus prizes from ASICS, Ergo and Maison Drake baby boutique, and For Two Fitness – all facets of your healthy mom lifestyle are in this prize pack!


The grand prize winner will win everything you see listed here.  Prizes have been furnished by our wonderful brand partners in connection with a sponsoring ambassador (Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddy and Melody from Will Run For Margaritas). Here are more details about the amazing products that have been generously donated for you to win and enjoy:


Grand Prize Giveaway items:

  • The New BOB Revolution FLEX single stroller
  • For Two Fitness maternity athletic outfit (top and bottom of winner’s choice)
  • Ergo 360 Baby Carrier furnished by Maison Drake baby boutique
  • Asics Running Shoes (1 pair of the winner’s choice)


Wow!  We are thrilled to give away these amazing prizes.  This contest runs from Monday, January 12th through midnight on Friday, January 16th.  Visit the For Two Fitness site to enterBe sure to follow @ForTwoFitness and our co-hosts @run4margaritas and @momslrb on Instagram in order for your entries to be valid.


Thanks for celebrating the New Year with us! Good luck!!

Birth Story: Part 3

Hey, friends. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Tuesday. Like promised, today I’m sharing part 3 of my birth story.

When I left off after part 1 and part 2, I was at 9 cm and ready to go!

At around 2:00 or 2:30 PM (roughly 12 hours since I arrived in the hospital room!), another nurse checked me again for my progress. At this point, I knew we were getting close since I could feel it.

Imagine my devastation when I heard the words “you’re at about 8 centimeters.” I was in complete shock! I immediately panicked and started crying—and cursing—wondering how the heck I’d reversed my progress. I just wanted this to be over and felt like a complete failure.

Around 3:00 PM, I agreed to let the doctor break my water. It’s not a huge flood like I imagined, but I felt some relief. Apparently my contractions had slowed to approximately 8 minutes. They were not quite as intense either.

Because I still wanted to avoid any other intervention, we decided to give some time for progression, agreeing to try a little pitocin and IV meds if nothing changed. I was not happy about it, but I knew that my time was limited now that my water had been broken.

Sometime shortly after, I got a new nurse who’s very motherly and caring. I was so glad to see her!

I was exhausted from being awake since 7:00 AM Friday morning that I was finally at peace with whatever played out. I’d labored roughly 13 hours (just in the hospital) without any type of intervention, and I was just ready to meet Luca (who’s more stubborn than I am)!

Later, I was still stuck at 8-9 centimeters, so I tried a little pitocin. I began feeling CRAZY pressure and my contractions rapidly became 2-3 minutes apart and very steady. I labored a while (around an hour) without medication but was still stuck at 9 centimeters! I decided to take a small dose of nubain, but when the pain became too unbearable and it was clear I wasn’t going to progress on my own, I agreed to an epidural. They had to call in the anesthesiologist—who gratefully lives close to the hospital—and this was the best decision ever!

Apparently I am very receptive to epidurals because it went in with no trouble at all. I was desperate! Of course, the epidural ended up being so strong that I couldn’t feel a thing from the waist down.

Because the baby was still posterior, my nurse (my absolute favorite, the one who was with me when I was first admitted was back for another shift!) turned me to each side for a while. Apparently this worked because after contracting for a couple more hours, the doctor arrived, Mark put on his scrubs and gloves, and I started pushing around 8:00 PM!

I couldn’t feel anything and couldn’t even hold my own legs up. I was so determined though, so I listened carefully to my nurse’s instructions/tips and was so relieved when I finally saw we were making progress (oh yeah, I watched—it was really cool, though I probably would’ve been mortified if I could feel the pain!).

At 9:17, baby Luca Davis Miele entered the world! Mark helped cut the cord, and I was overjoyed (and freaking relieved!) when Luca was placed on my chest. He was beautiful and absolutely perfect—and not nearly as wrinkly and “gross” as I’d imagined!


I held him skin to skin and nursed him for a few minutes while they delivered my placenta and stitched up a small tear (that I didn’t EVEN care about at that point). I barely remember them taking him to weigh and clean him—although I do remember my parents and in-laws coming in to see him. At some point I vomited (gross but true), probably due to all the medication I took toward the end.

Let me tell you, after the epidural wore off, I took the BEST shower of my life. I didn’t even care that I was completely naked in front of my nurse. It’s absolutely true that you lose all modesty in childbirth. Also, the sandwich and fruit I ate from Au Bon Pain were seriously the best food ever (since I haven’t eaten since dinner Friday night!).

Everything else is a blur, really. After I showered and ate, I was wheeled (even though I absentmindedly tried to walk and the nurse had to remind me that I could fall) to the nursery where we watched Luca’s first bath. I was so relieved to make it to the postpartum room, and I’m fairly certain I fell asleep as soon as I got into the bed (only to be woken up every couple of hours, grrr!).

So, that’s my story. I feel like I’ve earned the right to say I had a “natural birth experience,” even though I received an epidural and pitocin at the end. I have no regrets—I’d try non-medicated labor again—and I’m glad the doctor and nurses allowed me to labor for so long and ultimately make the decisions for intervention (I imagine the fact that my vitals were perfect the whole way through helped—if Luca’s or my condition and changed, I’m sure other decisions would’ve been made).


Although I wish I’d been able to make it to the end without any medication (and hope to do so if we ever choose to have another child), I realize the choices I made allowed me to have the vaginal birth I desperately wanted. If I had not relented, I think I would’ve been forced (by time and by my body giving up) to have a c-section, which was the main thing I wished to avoid. I’m proud of the 15+ non-medicated hours I labored, and I’m grateful that I finally realized I’m not invincible and needed relief after enduring so much for so long (pitocin-induced contractions are RIDICULOUS!). The most important thing, in the end, is a healthy baby and mother—and that’s what we got. I’m neither better nor worse than the mother who opts for medication at the earliest possible time or the mother who’s able to avoid any intervention. All birth is “natural,” I suppose, and I know now how tough I really am.

Baby M: 3 Months

Happy Sunday! Man, this weekend flew by.

I thought I’d pop in today since it’s officially Luca’s 3-month birthday. Apparently he’s no longer a “newborn” but is now an “infant.” He’s practically grown!


Although I do miss some of the helpless newborn phase (for instance, he never falls asleep on my chest anymore—except for yesterday, which was a time I savored) I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t enjoy this new stage he’s in. He’s so playful, curious, and full of energy—I love watching his new expressions and talking back to him with every new “coo” and “gaaah” and squeal!

Luca’s next pediatrician visit will be at 4 months, so I’m not 100% about his measurements. Based on our digital scale, I’d say he weighs somewhere close to 10 ½ pounds. Still tiny, but following his curve. Based on my attempts to measure him, he’s grown around 24 or 24.5 inches long, especially if his too-short onesies and sleepers are any indication. Even though he’s not super chunky, I can tell he’s starting to fill out.

So what’s little man loving lately?

He’s probably going to be a little trouble maker in school—and maybe an actor, lawyer, or politician when he grows up—because he can’t stop “talking.” Everyday he makes a new sound—and he’s so attentive staring into my eyes.


He’s a much bigger fan of tummy time now—and he’s becoming quite strong. He’s trying to roll over (he actually rolled from tummy to back twice on New Year’s Day but hasn’t done it on his own since) and loves when daddy pulls and rolls him all over the place or tries to fold him in half (feet to face).

He still loves diaper changes—even though his constant squirming makes it a chore for mommy! Speaking of squirming, he usually rotates (sometimes 180 degrees or full-circle!) in his crib during the night. It’s so funny to watch him squirm on the monitor or discover him facing the opposite end of the crib.


He also cannot keep his hands and thumb out of his mouth. I think he might be showing early signs of teething, because in addition to the hands, he’s “chewing” on blankets and bibs, drooling all over the place, and cutting our nursing sessions short pretty often (I’m not sure if he’s just expressing the milk more effectively, getting distracted, or becoming sore). He loves grabbing handfuls of my hair, too!

On NYE, Luca became quite the social animal when he attended his first new year’s party and surprise wedding. He was quiet during the whole ceremony and showed no unease when held by strangers-turned-friends. Yesterday he went to Mass for the first time, and he slept the whole way through!


He’s doing well during the workday, too, when his Mimi and Papa (my parents) come over to our house to watch him. Luckily he seems to be taking bottles from them just fine and hasn’t had too many fussy days (yet!).

He’s really an easy-going, happy baby—except when bath time rolls around! While he doesn’t have full-blown screech fests, he still does not like baths. I’m hoping he’ll come around once he can sit on his own.

Oh, and he always seems to cry when daddy gives him a kiss. I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s pretty darn funny. Poor Mark!


So that’s 3-month old Luca in a nutshell. He seems to have made it through his 3rd leap (based on my Wonder Weeks app) without too much fussing/clinging (although these last few days he’s been fairly fussy), but now we probably have to brace ourselves for more teething symptoms and the dreaded 4-month sleep regression.

Happy 3 months, Luca! I can’t wait to watch you grow and explore these next few weeks.

If you’re catching up, you can find Luca’s other monthly updates on my Baby page.

Birth Story: Part 2

Hi there! Since it’s finally the weekend and I have a little time on my hands, I thought I’d share part 2 of my birth story.

When I left off in part 1, I had just been admitted to the hospital and Mark was allowed into the L & D room…

After I was checked for progress and then given the portable monitor and heplock, the next few hours were pretty uneventful. Mark and I walked around a bit to ease the increasing contractions, and I bounced around on the birthing ball for a while. I continued drinking plenty of fluids (Vitamin Water & Cocozia!) to stay hydrated and keep my energy up.

I remember my contractions were getting stronger, but they still weren’t unbearable. At around 5:30 AM, I was checked again. My cervix was still posterior, but I was dilated up to 5.5 centimeters, which was fairly on track.

At this point my contractions were feeling much stronger, so I continued roughing it out on the birthing ball and trying some squatting. Mark was awesome at encouraging me to breathe through the pain. A popsicle helped, too!


Around 6:00 AM, my L & D nurse recommended that I receive about 500 cc of saline since Luca’s movement had slowed down and become more steady. I reluctantly agreed (in hindsight, I think I took this whole “no interventions” thing too seriously). Although the fluids were necessary—and I’m glad I took them—I think things began to slow down here. I sat upright uncomfortably in a chair and became so cold due to the cool IV fluids. I can’t remember how long it took, but I was so tense trying to sit comfortably and stay warm under our blanket. My contractions began to slow, and I naturally became frustrated.

Shortly after I finished the IV, my new L & D nurse came in. My parents and in-laws also came in to visit (the nurses’ station did not even ask if we wanted visitors, so I was very cranky and tense during the visit). I would have gladly invited them in, but because I was already feeling discouraged, I was glad to see them go.

My new nurse was not very personable either. I don’t even recall her introducing herself (for hours we thought she was a different nurse!) and after phoning our childbirth instructor around 9:45 AM for tips (she recommended the squatting and “butt in the air” kneeling I was doing), we finally realized she was not the nurse we thought she was. This may have been when Mark got a bit of attitude with her, since she had barely been paying attention to me and acted completely uninterested in being there!

At 10:30, the doctor arrived (my mood immediately lightened and when I joked “I could hug you!” he gave me a big hug). I was so relieved to hear that I was at 8 centimeters! I was still moving a little slow, but this encouragement was all I needed to regain my focus and lose some tension. Shortly after my mother and mother-in-law visited, and it was an enjoyable and encouraging visit.

At around 12:15 PM, I was checked again by my nurse. I’d been feeling a ton of pressure in my back and bottom (like I could start pushing soon), and I was thrilled when my nurse checks me and I’m around 9 centimeters. Surely this was the homestretch!…

Tune in for part 3 soon!

WIAW: Eating Habits While Breastfeeding

Returning to work and continuing to breastfeed hasn’t been easy (and I’m only 7 working days into it!). I’m still trying to figure out the best schedule (I currently nurse him once during the night around 2:30 AM, in the morning when he and I wake or after I’ve showered, and in the evenings on demand—usually 3 times), but thankfully I’m pumping enough for his 3 bottle feeds during the day while I’m away.

So while my pumping/feeding schedule might change, I know one thing that won’t: HUNGER. I knew that I’d need to eat an extra 300-500 more calories while breastfeeding, but I just didn’t realize how incredibly ravenous (and thirsty) I would be throughout the day. And I’ve always been a big eater!

I really don’t have a clue how many calories I’m consuming—I feel like it’s enough because I’m holding on to about 12 pounds from pregnancy and haven’t seen a drop in my supply—but I’m really trying to keep healthy and nutrient-dense snacks at my disposal.

Keeping with What I Ate Wednesday’s theme, below is yesterday’s day of eats. My pictures are awful, so bear with me on that!


Breakfast: I normally go with a bowl of oatmeal, but today I grabbed something quick and easy—an English muffin (topped with butter) and one of the last Harry & David Royal Riviera pears (the best!). Plus coffee (duh).

photo 1

Midmorning snack: a cheese stick and one of the lactation bites I threw together Monday night (rolled oats, flax meal, brewer’s yeast, peanut butter, coconut flakes, honey, and a few chocolate chips—I didn’t really measure). The combination of oats, flax, and brewer’s yeast is thought to be excellent for lactation—and the peanut butter and coconut are a good source of fat and protein (which are essential for milk production).

photo 3

photo 2

Lunch: sausage pistolette with sautéed onion and green pepper (leftover from Monday’s dinner)—maybe not the healthiest, but it was delicious!

photo 4

Afternoon snack: another lactation bite (I needed something sweet) and a few baby carrots; cheese and crackers

photo 5

photo 1-20

Dinner: baby kale salad topped with breaded chicken

photo 2-22

Dessert: a piece of king cake!

photo 3-11

Just like before, I keep my water bottle full, and I always take it with me to pump. Hydration is important for anybody, but it’s especially important for lactation. It’s amazing how thirsty I get during a feed or pumping session!

One thing is for certain: after indulging through the holidays, I want to make sure I’m consuming (mostly) healthy foods. Obviously there’s always room for king cake. It’s important to me for Luca to be exposed to a wide variety of nutrients and flavors so that he’s healthy, of course, but also so he’s less likely to be picky when solids are introduced.

What’s something you ate today?