Baby M: 2 Months

Hello & happy Friday!

I’m sure I will say the same thing every month (or year) of his life until he has a kid of his own, but how is little man already 2 months old? In just a couple of weeks, my maternity leave ends and I won’t be spending nearly every hour of every day with him. I don’t even want to think about it! :-(

IMG_2322-editYesterday was Luca’s official 2 month birthday and also his 2-month doctor check-up. Never again will I schedule his appointment on his actual birthday. Not that he knows the difference, but it just seems cruel since he had a few different immunizations (that resulted in tears, naturally).

The doctor says little man—emphasis on little—is doing well. I’m a bit disappointed he hasn’t gained more weight (he gained 1 pound and 6 ounces since his one month visit, putting him at 8 lbs 14 oz) but he is gaining steadily (which is the important part!). His height increased from 21 inches to 23, which makes him a little string bean. Much like his father (vermicelli man), I think Luca is going to be thin and tall(ish). His head circumference increased just fine from 36 to 37 ¾ cm, so he’s going to be smart like his momma. And his daddy, of course. ;-)


He’s definitely eating well because he’s wetting and dirtying plenty of diapers! At the doctor’s recommendation (to get a feel for how much I’ll pump when I return to work) I let Mark feed Luca a bottle a few times and pumped for those sessions. During last night’s 1 AM session, I got around 5 ounces, which puts my mind at ease since Luca is much more effective at removing milk than the pump is (early on, I was pumping literal droplets). Plus, I’m in the process of trying to increase my supply by taking fenugreek, eating lactation cookies (full of oats, flax, and brewer’s yeast), and drinking Mother’s Milk tea so he has plenty to drink while I’m away.

He’s also right where he should be developmentally. Though not a huge fan of tummy time, he’s able to hold up his head much better than last month. He’s also quite the talker, cooing and squealing all the time. And he’s full of smiles!


Oddly enough he’s grown to love having his diaper changed (he hated it early on). If he’s crying when I take him into the nursery, he almost instantly stops when I put him on his changing table. He’s even getting better with baths, probably because we’ve learned that the water was too cool before. He’s also discovered his hands and loves sucking his thumb (he often goes for the whole fist!).


He still loves his daily strolls and the occasional car rides, too. I’ve also started putting him in the bumbo seat for a bit, but he’s still not quite sure what to think of it.


Like most babies, he’s not a big fan of dirty diapers. He’s napping more during the day (thank God!) often in his swing (which he hated before). He’s still sleeping well at night (I’m usually up anywhere between 1 AM and 2:30 AM for a feed and up again around 5 or 6 AM). This should work out perfectly for my work schedule (which, as I mentioned above I’m not thinking about!).

Happy 2 months, Luca! I can’t wait to spend our first Christmas together and see how much you grow and change in this next month. We love you so much!

What I Ate Wednesday: Recent Eats

Hi there!

Had I known in late 2012 (when I started this little ol’ blog) that I’d be having a baby in 2014, I would have started a lifestyle blog instead of a food blog (or at least chosen a different name and URL)! Forget about experimenting in the kitchen or reviewing restaurants like in days past. Nowadays, I’m doing well just to EAT.

Seriously. Most of my meals are either scarfed down in 3 bites or eaten in a clumsy fashion while holding Baby M in one arm, and a fork/spoon in the other. Eating, my favorite pastime, as become the most challenging part of my days! It’s tough even when he’s in the baby wrap, simply because I nearly drop food on the little guy.


I’m a little jealous of my infant’s meal plan: cry → get fresh breastmilk on demand! ;-)

If it didn’t require climbing into our kitchen cabinets and almost losing a finger (the Ninja is sharp!), I think I’d eat a smoothie for every meal. Ok, and maybe a cheese stick or lactation cookie for good measure.

Anyway, since it’s Wednesday, I thought I’d share what I’ve been eating lately. This isn’t a day of meals, but simply a collection of the random pictures I took for one reason or another.


My go-to breakfast has been oatmeal—generally cooked with almond milk and topped with raisins, cinnamon, almonds or pecans, and a bit of cinnamon—or frozen whole grain waffles with fruit, yogurt, etc.


And I always include my cup of reheated (sometimes multiple times) coffee. Since I’m nursing, it’s basically the only caffeine I consume (besides chocolate, duh).


I’m also loving these peppermint bark pretzel thins. Yum! I just polished off the bag earlier today, and I wish my husband had bought more of them!


I’m also no stranger to snack plates; this one consisted of a sliced pear, a satsuma, and wheat thins dipped in peanut butter.


Since I want to increase my milk supply a bit before returning to work (I plan to pump 3 times a day and have no idea how much I’ll actually yield since I only pump between feeds every so often right now), I made some of these lactation cookies (they’re quite tasty—must be all that butter).


Lunches are all over the place. The other day I inhaled an egg sandwich and the most perfectly ripe Creole tomato (so good, especially for a winter tomato!), and another day’s lunch consisted of leftover fried rice from the night before.


This past Saturday we had lunch at The Blind Mule (first time eating there, though we’ve been to the bar before) after watching a quidditch match downtown. These shrimp and grits (with sausage, onions, and peppers) were pretty good!


Dinners include easy meals like salads, pasta, and what remains of our frozen stash (soup, chili, veggie burgers, etc.), but a recent favorite was a giant burrito bowl from Moe’s (with extra guac).


I don’t even want to think about meal prep for when I go back to work, but that’s for another day. Now I’m going to go spend some time with this adorable guy!


Later, gators!





Thursday Thoughts – 12.04.14

Hey there! The baby is chilling in his swing while I’m finishing up breakfast, so I thought I’d pop in for some Thinking Out Loud this fine Thursday.


1. How is it already December? Everybody says it every year, but come on! This year is flying by. My pregnancy flew by, and now Luca is growing like a weed and my maternity leave is rapidly drawing to its end. I’m excited about Christmas, but I’m not ready for December 29 (my return to work).

2. Speaking of Christmas and December, why is it 70+ degrees this week? This year has been full of wacky weather (snowpocalypse, 100-year rain/floods, a very cold November, and now what feels like Christmas in July). I can remember a few Christmases from my childhood where I wore shorts + a t-shirt, but not being able to sport a light sweater, at least, puts a damper on my holiday cheer!

3. I mentioned the other day I was returning to barre. Well, class was fun and challenging (it always was), but I never realized what a number pregnancy had done on my abs! I seriously no longer have them. Not even a little bit. I’m blaming Luca…and I think this realization will lead to a “body after baby” post really soon.

4. In other Luca news, I think he’s going through a major growth spurt this week. Some of his newborn clothes are getting too tight, and he actually fits a few 3-month outfits, though a lot of them are still loose (but are great length-wise). He’s been extremely fussy, and yesterday I was feeding him every 1.5 hours instead of 2-3. But, little man had some catching up to do since he weighed 6 lbs and 1 oz at birth, so I’m more than happy to hold and nurse him while I can.

5. Let’s talk about my eating habits lately. It’s really hard to cook (and I miss it!), so I’m resorting to easy meals like leftovers and things I can eat with one hand since I’m often holding Luca while trying to feed myself. I’ve been trying to sneak in healthy snacks (apples, pears, cheese sticks, Greek yogurt, etc.), but my unhealthy cravings have been relentless.

6. On that same note, my current seasonal indulgence is Blue Bell’s peppermint bark ice cream. It’s so, so good! I’m sure it’s full of garbage, but the peppermint ice cream with chunks of dark and white chocolate and peppermint is heavenly. I just wish it wasn’t seasonal. :-(

7. I forgot what else I wanted to say and my computer battery is about to die (and I’m too lazy to go get the plug), so that’s all for now. Have a great Thursday, folks!

Birth Story: Part 1

I can’t believe my little man is already 7+ weeks old. Time is flying! Before it disappears even further into my memory, I need to share Luca’s birth story. Since I’m incredibly longwinded and took notes on my phone in the L&D room (not lying!), I’m going to split this into 3 posts. So here’s part 1…

As I look back, I feel like my body really started gearing up for labor on Tuesday, October 7. I decided to get one last barre class in before Luca arrived. Class was much more difficult but still enjoyable; I found it challenging simply moving to and from the floor and different positions. After class, I felt pelvic pressure that never really went away.


 Pre-barre belly

It wasn’t until Wednesday night, though, that I really knew I was experiencing some pre-labor or early labor. It started a couple hours before bed when I felt erratic and mild contractions. At least what I thought were contractions. They were spaced out between 9 and 13 minutes, and they lasted just a few hours. I had no problem falling asleep, so they definitely weren’t “the real thing.”

Go figure Wednesday we had a lunar eclipse. Perhaps gravitational changes really do have an affect on labor and our bodies?

As far as I remember, Thursday was pretty uneventful, other than that same pelvic pressure. I think I had a few erratic contractions before and after my 39 week exam. Because my doctor was on vacation, I saw another within the practice who was on call for the weekend. Luckily, I felt extremely comfortable with him, although I was incredibly sore all day afterward. Although almost completely effaced, I was still less than 1 centimeter dilated (like the last 2 appointments).


One of my last belly bump pictures (39 weeks)

Friday morning I had an incredible urge to clean. In hindsight, this burst of energy was indicative of things to come. I vacuumed, scrubbed toilets, cleaned counter tops and cabinets in the kitchen, all while feeling intense pelvic pressure and period-like cramps. Much like Wednesday night, I felt some erratic contractions throughout the day.

When Mark got home from work, we decided to enjoy one last pre-baby mixed grill at the Mediterranean Sandwich Company and stroll downtown at Artwalk. I was really uncomfortable the whole time (although my sandwich was divine!), and we left before 8:00 because I was feeling what I thought just might be contractions.


The mixed grill that started it all…

We settle down and watched a bit of TV before we tried going to bed. The contractions did not stop (in fact, they sped up and became much more regular) and around 1:00, after struggling to sleep, we decided that going to the hospital was a good idea. The contractions, while regular at around 4 minutes, weren’t extremely painful, but we figured they could just send me home if I wasn’t truly in labor.

Going into the hospital wasn’t nearly as stressful as I imagined, although I felt pretty stupid when I stood there very calmly while giving my information. I did get a little nervous when they wheeled me up to L&D room #2 and I was separated from Mark for a bit.


Our last photo as a family of 3 (just before leaving for the hospital)

I was paranoid about whether my birth preferences would be followed as I changed into the hospital gown. I swear the contractions slowed down, so I asked the nurse if I would be discharged if I wasn’t truly in labor. Even she was skeptical (due to my calmness) as she revealed I was just over 3.5 centimeters dilated. At around 2:00 AM, I was admitted.

Thankfully after some questions they finally let Mark in my room! Now things were about to get real…(tune in for part 2)

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Hello, hello!

I trust that you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving, surrounded by family and friends and filled with delicious food and good cheer. And if you were crazy brave enough to tackle the Black Friday madness (I’ve never done it and never will!), then I hope this Monday finds you well-rested, too. Can you believe it’s already December?!?!

Our Thanksgiving was especially exciting since it was our first with Luca. He’s been such a good boy lately (especially last Tuesday when I brought him to my postpartum appointment and took him to the hospital for bloodwork—all is fine, it was just a follow-up to confirm some low thyroid hormone levels were just a fluke and not something serious), and he’s growing and observing so much around him.


I think we all gobbled till we wobbled…

I know he won’t remember anything about this Thanksgiving, but we certainly will! Poor little man didn’t get a lot of rest on turkey day, so he fussed and cried during our actual dinner and much of the time after. I think he had a bit of gas and just wanted to sleep.

He was perfect when we went to lunch the next day and picked out our Christmas tree. He likes to stare at the lights and sparkly ornaments, and I’m sure he’ll love Christmas decorations as much as his daddy.


Before lunch and tree shopping, though, I went to my first Bikram yoga class since February! The studio offers free classes on Black Friday, so I took full advantage. I can’t believe that 63 people were packed into the studio, and I’m also surprised and pleased that I managed to complete every posture without feeling dizzy or overheated. I guess all those months of classes really did prepare me for pregnancy and the aftermath. :-) This class was taught by a newer teacher I’d never met, and I love how she added some personal touches to our gratitude themed class and threw in a few different postures than the normal 26. It was just what I needed and reminded me of why I love this practice.


That’s me in the purple tank top, top left

These last couple of days have been full of relaxation, sleeping late, baby snuggles, and finishing off the last bit of delicious leftovers from Thursday. The weather is quite warm this week, so I’m going to take full advantage of it and take lots of strolls with the little man. Since I have the all-clear from my doctor, I’m planning to take my first postpartum barre class tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Five Things Friday

Hi there, friends!

Although my days seem to run together now that I’m nearing my 6th week of staying home with a newborn (say what?…time is flying!), I’m excited that it’s finally Friday. I actually get to spend some time with my husband.

Since I’m severely slacking in the recipe, workout, and other blog-related activity lately, I thought I’d join in on Clare’s Five Things Friday link-up.


.Five Things I Ate.

Mellow Mushroom pizza (their crust is THE BEST but eating their pizza always makes me nostalgic for college days)

This giant honey crisp apple (so good!)

photo 2-21

Too many doughnuts from Sugar Rush (maple bacon, French toast, and part of a Reese’s PB cup and apple fritter…YUM!)

ALL the satsumas (this bowl was more than twice as full a few days ago)

photo 1-19

A chocolate covered cherry smoothie (with spinach added and some Greek yogurt in place of the cottage cheese)

.Five Pins.


Love this coat!


Seriously, though…




I love Brussels sprouts, but these look incredible


I want this for Luca (too bad it’s sold out)!

.Five Things I’m Looking Forward To.

Tonight’s Christmas tree lighting downtown. I’ve actually never been, but since the weather is pretty mild, we’re going to take Luca for a stroll and enjoy the lights and festivities.

Next Tuesday’s 6-week appointment with my OB-Gyn (OK, I’m not looking forward to the appointment itself, but I am hoping that she gives me the all clear to start exercising and doing what I normally do.)

Thanksgiving (duh!)

Christmas tree friday!!! (It’s our tradition to go pick out our Christmas tree on Black Friday.)

My first Bikram yoga class since February when I found out I was pregnant (the studio offers free classes on Black Friday, so I’m going to give the morning one a try).

.Question for you.

What’s something you’re looking forward to?

Old Factory Candles Review

Having a newborn means I spend a lot of time inside the house. When you’re spending so much time indoors, though, the air can get a little stale. Thankfully, I have plenty of candles!

photo 4

Recently a representative from Old Factory Candles reached out to me about reviewing their product. I normally love autumn-scented candles this time of year, but I decided to try something more classic. Although they have 12 different themes, I chose the Fresh and Clean 3-pack, which included 2-ounce candles in Fresh Linen, Lemongrass, and Olive Blossom.

photo 2

Old Factory Candles are hand-poured in the United States from natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils. They contain self-trimming wicks and burn clean for a full 20 hours.

photo 5

Each of the scents included in my gift pack was true to its name, although I found the fresh linen and lemongrass to be stronger than the olive blossom. I wish the candles were larger and more suited for open living spaces, but I found them to be the perfect size and strength for my small kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms. The lemongrass was my favorite, followed closely by the olive blossom.

photo 3

Old Factory Candles are sold exclusively on Amazon. They’re also 100% guaranteed; if you aren’t completely satisfied with their performance, the candles can be returned and refunded with no cost to the consumer.


At $25 per set, they’re affordable and perfect for this upcoming season of gift-giving. Check them out this holiday season!

**I received a free set of Old Factory Candles to review on my blog. I was not compensated for this blog post, and all opinions are my own.**

Baby M: 1 Month

Hi, there. Long time, no blog, huh? You might say I’ve been busy this last month.

Yes, that’s right: MONTH. An entire month has passed since we welcomed sweet, little Luca into the world.

IMG_1782It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a month, I must say. Things were rocky and stressful at first (not going to sugar coat it—but I was ready to give him back to the hospital, haha), but we’ve really developed a nice routine. I’m still sleep-deprived, but the little guy does sleep relatively well through the night. It could be worse!


We had his 1-month doctor appointment today, and things are looking better than I’d hoped. At his first weight check, we were worried because he’d lost so much weight (come to find out, he was in the “normal” weight loss range, but I still panicked) and I was still waiting for my milk to come in fully.


Before his 1-month checkup

He’d gained up to his birthweight by week 2, and today he measured at a whopping 7 lbs 8 oz (he was 6 lbs 1 oz at birth). He’s still not pudgy, but he’s eating wonderfully and has gained circumference in his head and about ½ inch in length. The doctor seemed pleased, as were Luca’s mommy and daddy!

Luca is very alert and happy, for the most part. The last few days have been full of fussiness and gassiness (I’ve been having trouble burping him and struggling with a fast milk let-down), but he’s perfectly content right now in his Happy wrap.


He’s able to turn his head from side to side at tummy time, and he is mesmerized by the ceiling fan! While it’s probably just a reflex (or gas), he’s even smiled at me a few times (this one was definitely gas, but at least I caught it on camera).


He’s warmed up well to big brother Iggy, but he still doesn’t like all the slobbery doggy kisses. He’ll snuggle with anybody, and while diaper changes and baths aren’t his favorite, he’s much less fussy than in the beginning. He also loves sucking his thumb and making funny faces.


No more kisses…

I can’t believe this time has flown by so quickly (despite some really, really long days!), and I’m anxious to see how he grows and what kind of personality he develops. Happy 1 month, little Luca! :-)

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie + Smoothie Week

Sure, it’s November and winter may be on its way, but if you’re anything like me, you can drink a good smoothie any time of the year. Although smoothies usually don’t hold me over the way a meal would, I do love having them as a snack, means of refueling after a workout, or as an accompaniment to my breakfasts or lunches.

This week just so happens to be National Smoothie Week! Recently Williams-Sonoma reached out to me to take part in this event by sharing an unusual recipe or ingredient that I’ve tried in a smoothie.

While the flavor combination I’m sharing today is relatively straightforward and normal, I’ve included a rather unusual ingredient that really amps up the creaminess!


Before you turn up your nose, let me just say that you don’t really taste the added ingredient. It adds protein, bulk, and, as I mentioned above, extra creaminess. What’s the magical addition? Cottage cheese.

I know cottage cheese isn’t everybody’s favorite, but I happen to enjoy it topped with fruit and/or cereal. It works in this smoothie the same way regular or Greek yogurt would. And who doesn’t love chocolate?


Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie

serves 1


  • 1 cup frozen cherries
  • 1 cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
  • ¼ cup cottage cheese
  • 3 tsp dark cocoa powder
  • dash of cinnamon


Add all ingredients to a blender; mix till smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


Although I used my trusty Magic Bullet to make my smoothie, you can find a great assortment of blenders at Williams-Sonoma. They have several models of the coveted Vitamix (which all of us food bloggers would love to have in our own kitchens), but they also carry Breville, Cuisinart, and others. Be sure to check them out if you’re on the hunt for a shiny new blender of your own.

  • Care to share your all-time favorite smoothie combination?
  • What’s the most unusual recipe or ingredient you’ve encountered in a smoothie?

What I Ate Wednesday+ A Day In the Life With a Newborn

Happy, happy hump day (although all the days run together to me at this point)!

I knew I would have basically zero time for blogging once Baby M arrived, but I didn’t realize it would be this bad. Since I’ve been long absent, I thought I’d ease back in for What I Ate Wednesday with a day of eats (finding time to eat is so hard even though I’m excited about eating extra food due to breastfeeding) plus a day in the life with my 18-day old! On one hand, it seems like I’ve done nothing, but on the other, it feels like I’ve run a marathon. It’s hard, but I know it will get easier. It helps that he’s just so darn cute.


1:20 AM: Wake up to nurse Luca (who is sleeping on my husband’s chest in the bed instead of in the crib—as much as I don’t like that idea). I change his diaper to help wake him, but he shows very little interest in eating.

1:29 AM: Luca finally starts eating, although he’s interested only in the right side. I decide at that moment that, instead of following the “feed every 2-3 hours” rule 100%, I will let him sleep and wake on his own to feed. It makes no sense to me to try so hard to get him to sleep and then spend an equal amount of effort to wake him if he barely eats!

1:50 AM: Crawl back into bed after putting Luca in his crib. At least he sleeps in there till morning!

4:40 AM: Wake again to feed Luca. He wakes fairly easily but still feeds for just 10 minutes, so I put him back to sleep.

6:40 AM: Mark’s alarm goes off. I doze back to sleep while he gets ready for work. I’m barely aware of him crawling into the bed next to me for a minute before kissing me goodbye. I’m determined to sleep in a bit!

8:10 AM: After an hour of playing the “do I sleep or do I feed?” game while in bed, I get up to nurse Luca. He’s a little more alert, so he feeds a good 25 minutes.

9:00 AM: SHOWER TIME! Luca is passed out in the crib, so I enjoy what’s become my most appreciated time of the day…until the DOORBELL rings. Iggy barks like crazy, but miraculously Luca sleeps.

9:30 AM: Text parents, who are coming over to visit later.

9:40 AM: BREAKFAST TIME! I quickly heat instant oatmeal (with flax, brewer’s yeast, and brown sugar) and a small cup of leftover coffee. I quickly eat this with a pluot (plum meets apricot?) and dose of prenatal vitamins on the side.


10:04 AM: Check my email on the iPhone. I’m going to go blind from staring at this tiny screen all day.

10:11 AM: Hear Luca wake.

10:30 AM: Nurse Luca while watching part of The Today Show and Up In The Air (love that movie!).

10:50 AM: Hear explosive poop (it’s a thing around here), so I go change his diaper. He pees during the change at least 2 times and poops just as soon as put the new diaper under him. SO MANY DIAPERS AND WIPES!!!! I later text my friend Tiffany (who has a 2.5 year old son) for advice. Apparently you undo the diaper, let it rest gently above him for 30 or so seconds, then move the wet diaper so he doesn’t tinkle everywhere (like on his face, which happened yesterday!).

11:20 AM: Have a slight mental breakdown (just slight!) because he won’t stop crying. I almost get him to calm down in the rock ‘n pay sleeper but he starts back again (my kid is apparently the only one who doesn’t love this thing).

11:27 AM: Hold Luca, stare into his bright blue-grey eyes, and remember why I love him so much. I finally get him to sleep in the pack ‘n play bassinet.

11:30 AM: Sit on the floor with Iggy (whom I’ve been yelling at to stop barking all morning) and assure him that I DO still love him but he has to stop barking so much.

11:32 AM: Find half-finished coffee in front of the microwave that’s been reheated and forgotten 3 times. Give up, pour out coffee, and wash mug. Eat 2 mini Snickers that are meant for trick-or-treaters…I just don’t care.


11:35 AM: Pick up Luca again because he’s crying. We walk outside and I wonder if it’s possible to report the neighbors to the city because they let their half-dozen (or more? I swear they’ve multiplied in the last couple weeks) dogs bark all day. Are they dog-hoarders? Are they running an illegal kennel operation?

11:46 AM: Nurse Luca for around 30 minutes.

12:25 PM: LUNCH!!! I heat up leftover shrimp/broccoli pasta (made with love by Luca’s godparents) and have some pineapple on the side (odd combination, I know).


12:53 PM: Nurse Luca again. This kid won’t stop eating!

1:35 PM: Luca is fussing so I put him in the jogger and we go for a nice 30-minute stroll. This kid loves taking walks and this mama appreciates it!


2:05 PM: My parents are at the house, so I leave a sleeping Luca with them while I run to the drug store and put gas in my car.


2:35 PM: Luca was fussing when I was gone, so I nurse him again. This feeding lasts almost 40 minutes!

3:52 PM: I eat a string cheese and say goodbye to my parents. Then I change a wet diaper.

4:00 PM: Cluster feed Luca until 4:43. This kid must be going through a growth spurt. I feel like an under-appreciated dairy cow. Luca sleeps in his pack ‘n play afterward for just a few minutes before crying again. Why is he so fussy lately? Is it something I’ve eaten? Even though breastfeeding is going much more smoothly than the first week, I wonder if he’s getting enough.

4:50 PM: Mark is home from work. Hallelujah!

4:55 PM: Eat chocolate chip cookie and a spoonful of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.

5:00 PM: Watch a bit of TV, chat with Mark, defrost some fruit for my snacks during the week, and putter around the house. Mark finally gets Luca to sleep (he’s sleeping as I type this!).

6:00 PM: I start typing this post.

6:19 PM: Dinner is served: tomato-white bean soup and grilled cheese.


6:54 PM: Add photos to this post and get ready to publish.

After that, we’ll relax and watch some TV and I’ll nurse Luca probably 2 more times before we put him to bed. We’ll hopefully fall asleep before 11:00 PM and begin this whole waking/changing/feeding routine all over again. I hope he’s less fussy tomorrow!

Till next time…